Petroleum Manager Accounting Software:

The Petroleum Manager is a comprehensive and powerful suite of application software modules designed exclusively for Home Heating Oil and Gasoline Distribution. The modules can operate independently or as a totally integrated system interfaced to General Ledger.

Since the system is integrated, each entry or transaction need be input only once, avoiding duplicate effort and providing clear and concise system audit trails. All modules provide management with information that is as current as the last entry, and immediately available.

In short, the Petroleum Manager can provide you, the distributor, with a powerful automated tool for assisting in controlling expenses and allowing the potential for increased profitability.

Petroleum Manager Software    
Degree Day Accounting Service Billing Inventory - Liquid & Parts
Budgets Contracts Fix, Cap, and Prepaid Gallons
Tax Reporting, all levels Open Item, Balance Forward Delivery Tickets­Work Orders
Accounts Receivable Purchasing General Ledger
Accounts Payable Payroll Sales Analysis
Bill of Lading C-Store-Service Station Automated Fuel Dispensing
Tank Billing Fixed Assets Card Lock