The Vision

Vancor Systems understands our long-term success is predicated on our ability to provide our customers a range of products and services that consistently exceed their expectations. Vancor Systems believes that the next generation of customer needs will be in highly technical and/or highly specialized areas that may be cost-prohibitive for companies to provide on their own... and that we are uniquely positioned to provide those needs for them.

Mission Statement

To enable our customers to effectively compete in their market by providing high quality computer products and related services, including pre-sales planning, industry specific software solutions, custom programming equipment and software selection, installation, training and exceptional ongoing support.


Vancor Systems has provided business solutions to small and midsize business since 1974. During the seventies and eighties the company was a reseller of Infotecs and Computone systems software. During these years the company also developed a successful software package for home heating oil and gasoline distribution. Since 1993 Vancor Systems has been an authorized re-seller for SouthWare Innovations Inc.